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  • 22 December, 2016

Reshad Institute of Higher Education is the only private Institute in Faryab Province, Afghanistan. It has been running officially and actively in service since 2012 and Reshad Institutes have played a major role in the intellectual life of Faryab province. Reshad Institutes formed a group of Educational and Higher Educational Institutes since 2009 funded by Abdul Rashid Reshad which include the following 

1. Reshad Institute of Higher Education.

2. Reshad Technical and Vocational Institute No 1 

3. Reshad Technical and Vocational Institute No 2

  4. Reshad Private High School 5. Reshad Private Kindergarten.

6. Dr Turani Institute of Health Science  

7. Reshad Anadolu Privte High School Mazari Sharif

Reshad Institute of Higher Education is one of the Faryab prominent private universities. Our impact on individuals, on our province, and on Afghanistan is profound — with a focus on young generation through its corresponded courses and methodologies encompassing more than 500 students currently registered. 

At the Reshad Institute of Higher Education, diversity is integral to excellence. We value and respect diverse experiences and perspectives, strive to create welcoming and respectful learning environments, and promote access, opportunity and justice for all irrespective of difference in religion, political opinion, color, nationality and ethnicity. 

Our educational fields are designed as career oriented professional programs. The curriculum design, course materials the examination pattern and the grading system make students to improve their skills and knowledge in their field. 

Reshad Institute courses are designed after analyzing the related working organizations and market needs.